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“It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” —Romans 12:17-21, NIV .... “Revenge is sweet as pie; I will eat,” -Me 00:50am Yesterday

Revenge Menu X revenge - Helping you, help yourself get even, Go On, you know you want to.
Check these letters, naughty but oh so nice..Ha..Ha
Revenge Kits
We provide you with the tools of revenge and you administer justice.. well at least your own justice.
Congratulations you are now fully officially qualified dirt bag..or whatever you decide your X is.
Devasting Parcels
From dead fish, flowers or super small condoms, nappies, turds in box, chicken feet or even a lemon to sweeten em up you name it we provide it.

Xrevenge.com is the webs number one revenge site, we offer a complete package of devastating revenge.
    We have all wished at one time in our life's to get one back on someone who has upset or devastated us. It could be a car dealer or a builder and ex girlfriend or a husband from bosses to friends the list is endless, don't just accept it, avenge it, with X revenge!

From devastating letters to embarrassing envelopes, humiliating parcels to downright scandalous post cards, dead roses to chickens feet, voodoo spells to text messages from hell, we offer you the power to totally for fill you need for REVENGE, all in secret.

   Just imagine a letter arriving at your chosen address to your intended victim telling them they are to appear in court or have lost there job. The car they own is stolen and needs to be returned too.....Please post your story on our forum or read our old customers results, you will be impressed. Please, when you have used our service please post your results on our forum, it helps us and you, to help others. .

   As well as your own messages we also offer pre-constructed letters which are guaranteed to destroy your victims day or even week. They wont know who it is from. It don't get better than that....or does it? post your revenge story on our forum

   You could, if you dare send a package look see the fish, yes rotten fish. Sent in a sealed package so no smell, well thats until the fish is opened, oh and before the fish is opened the letter enclosed explains that its a prize fish, from a competition someone they know has entered into. All they have to do is find the prize gem and phone the hot line for more prizes, they may even be on television. Guess what? there is no prize, just another note telling them that.... they really are a prize prat. Its not just fish try maggots worms ants chicken feet bulls bollocks you name it we will send it (as long as its legal;)

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